Yoga Poses for Everyone!

We often spend our free time doing something we consider to be a fun activity. We watch movies we love, play games we love, play online on, and we even do exercise for fun. With exercise, you’ll often hear people say that they are too old, brittle, or weak to do proper exercise. While that is true to some degree, exercising is vital to our body development and maintenance. Yoga has done wonders for people’s posture, flexibility, mobility, and it’s known for keeping a person’s stress in check. If you think you are too old, young, skinny, fat, cool or lame to do Yoga, consider these exercises that are suitable for everyone.


Before moving on to folding yourself into a pretzel, it is important to master breathing techniques. We will not get into details, as there are tons of breathing exercises in Yoga, but we will say that the focus is on breathing slowly and letting the good air in and the bad air out. As Yoga is done slowly, proper breathing keeps you in check in terms of calming you down and clearing your head.

The Mountain Pose

This pose doesn’t seem like exercise at first. Stand up with your back straight, and your feet close to each other. With a deep breath, you should raise your hands above your head with your arms straight. Do it slowly, keep your hands in that position, and then exhale while lowering your arms. Again, the point of the exercise is to do it slowly, as it helps your breathing and posture. Remember, Yoga is not an extreme sport.

The Tree Pose

It is important not to get discouraged if you don’t get it done on the first couple of days. What you need to do is stand up straight, put your palms together above your head, and raise one leg so that it rests on the thigh of your other leg, while avoiding the knee. At first, you might slouch, or not keep your balance, but pretty soon you’ll get a hold of it. The tree pose is great for improving your balance and tightening your leg muscles.

The Plank Pose

This pose is perfect for giving you more control over your body. The pose is fairly simple – get yourself into a position similar to that you would be in if you were doing pushups, but with a few differences. You are supposed to hold this pose, while your wrists are directly below your shoulders. Your back should be straight as well. It’s great for strengthening your core. If you have weak wrists, try resting your body on your elbows instead.