How Do Sports Superstars Stay Fit After 35?

Staying fit before you turn thirty is fairly easy for most of us. A young body doesn’t need much exercise and, with some reasonable eating habits, most of us can keep a fairly fit physique. But what happens when we go over thirty? Why do we gain weight more easily, and why is it so hard to get rid of it?

Well, it all boils down to the changes in our lifestyle. Some people get a sedentary job while others simply prefer watching TV in their free time. There are also those who spend a lot of time browsing the Internet or looking up for promo codes like Bet9ja Promotion Code to keep themselves entertained.

So, while you are sitting in your chair and watching your favourite sports game on TV, you might be asking yourself: how do the famous athletes stay healthy and fit way into their 30s and 40s? Let’s now look at the eating and training habits of the two famous sports stars, 42-year-old NFL star Tom Brady and the 38-year-old tennis superstar Roger Federer.

Eating Habits

Brady’s eating habits are strictly regimented, and he also drinks up to 25 glasses of water during the day, except during meals so that it doesn’t interfere with his indigestion. For breakfast, he drinks a smoothie made of bananas, blueberries, nuts and seeds. Brady’s lunch includes a piece of fish with vegetables, and his dinner is fairly similar, with lots of nutrients and vegetables. For a snack, he prefers eating fruits or raw vegetables, protein shakes or protein bars, or even chips or hummus. 

Federer’s eating habits, on the other hand, are much less regimented than Brady’s. In the morning, he eats some cereal and homemade waffles with raspberry syrup and drinks coffee and freshly squeezed juice. For lunch and even before his matches, he enjoys pasta with a light sauce, and for dinner, he enjoys a variety of cuisines such as Indian, Italian or Japanese. Bananas are his go-to snack.

The main difference between these two is that Federer, unlike Brady, likes to indulge in occasional ice cream and chocolate, and even some wine and champagne.


When it comes to exercise, both men need to stay in top shape to maximise their performance on the field.

In the morning, following a deep force massage, Brady spends about 40 minutes exercising with resistance bands. His workout usually includes lunges, planks, squats and shoulder exercises followed by another massage to help his muscle recovery. He usually works out four to five days a week.

Federer’s workout routine is more diverse, and his training includes moderate weight training, cardio, static stretches and plyometrics. Some of the exercises he uses include warm-up training, medicine ball shuffle and side lunge, resistance band exercise, cone and racket drills and high-intensity interval training.

So what can you do to keep your body as fit as the sports superstars? Eat healthy food in moderation, and find some time for workout and other physical activities. That’s all it takes. 

Is the Keto Diet Just a Fad?

With a plethora of diet plans circulating the web these days, it is sometimes hard to decide which ones are good for you, or which ones work at all. To start your journey into understanding the popular diets, let’s first talk about the Keto diet, its benefits and risks.

What Is the Keto Diet?

The Keto diet, also known as the Ketogenic diet, revolves around the state of our body called ketosis. As we decrease the intake of carbohydrates to less than 50g a day, our body enters ketosis and starts using up fat for energy. 

The easiest way for your body to enter ketosis is by fasting or not eating anything, but this approach isn’t sustainable. That is why keto diet remains a safer way to enter ketosis while still giving your body enough nutrients it needs to operate.

Benefits of Keto Diet

The first and the biggest benefit of the keto diet is weight loss. Your body needs to burn more calories when converting fat into energy than when using carbs as a primary energy source.

Keto diet makes you burn glucose more quickly, causing your body to produce less insulin, which may help protect you against some forms of cancer. Lower levels of insulin also make your body produce less cholesterol. High cholesterol levels lead to high blood pressure, hardened arteries and heart failure. With that said, reducing cholesterol levels reduces the risk of heart diseases.

The Keto diet has also been known to reduce acne breakouts, it can help reduce seizures caused by epilepsy, and can even help with some other nervous system disorders, such as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and sleep disorders.

Risks Concerning the Keto Diet

On the other hand, entering ketosis can be rough on your body, especially kidneys, as it can lead to the formation of kidney stones.

Keto diet is not suitable for people with type 1 diabetes since burning fat for energy produces compounds called ketones. Ketones are created when your body uses up fat as an energy source and, while a healthy person won’t be affected by the build-up of these compounds, too many of them can be life-threatening for a person with diabetes.

Other side effects can include constipation, mildly low blood sugar, high levels of acid in your body (Acidosis) and even lead to a series of symptoms commonly referred to as Keto flu. These symptoms include irritability, weakness, headache, bad breath and fatigue.


While there are some health benefits connected to the Keto diet, more research needs to be done on its effects on the human body. Keto diet should be used as a short-term diet with a focus on weight loss. If you decide to give it a try, consult your doctor before starting out.

Exercise is Not Enough for a Healthy Lifestyle – How to Be Healthy

Healthiness, the topic people often talk about, and for a good reason. It is difficult to do anything in life, if you’re unhealthy. Spending all your time inside and playing video games might not be the best thing for your health. Your posture will suffer and you might develop tendonitis.

Some people play lots of sports and still spend time indoors, which is a healthier way to live life. Some bet on sports, visit various sites with promotional codes like and still have time to exercise and stay healthy. But, exercise in itself doesn’t have to be healthy, quite the opposite, unless other factors are not met. Exercising is just an hour of your day, leaving you with 23 hours more to stay healthy. Here is how you can stay healthy while not exercising.

Sleeping – Without Sleep, Everything is Pointless

If you do not find enough time to have a good rest, everything is pointless, your healthy diet, your lifestyle, your stress-free environments, your exercise. Sleep is when your body recovers from everything, diseases, micro-tears in your muscles, everything.

Having a good sleep schedule means living a healthy life. Whether you need 7 or 8 hours depends on your age and on you as an individual, but having enough sleep is more than just recommended.

What people often do is get caffeinated rather than having an hour of sleep, or an hour and a half, which is more than enough time for your brain to reset. But, they would rather push it aside with caffeine, which can be a work hazard, especially if you are a driver. More sleep, less caffeine, more health, that is you winning recipe.

Stress – The Enemy of Sleep and Health

Stress, ah, that magic word which people fear and which eventually leads to an early death. Stress can come from anything, your environment, to start with, or your own inability to deal with said environment, or even your own emotions.

Removing stress from your life, while impossible, is something you should actively aspire to do. While you cannot actually live a stress-free life completely, you can adjust your mentality to the point where it does not affect you as much as it could, if at all. With less stress, you will have a clearer mind and have an easier time to do the first thing on the list, meaning get enough sleep.

Food – You Are What You Eat

Always trying to sneak that cake in, right? Well, that very cake, or rather, the thought behind eating “just one more” is what can get you in trouble. Eating food which does nothing for your body is bad, to say the least. After time, you will ruin everything, from the bacteria in your stomach, to your health, overall. Diabetes, cholesterol, heart attacks, you name it, you can get it from eating the wrong stuff.

Dieting is not something you should consider, because a diet is often viewed as something you do for a while and then quit. No, you should make healthy eating a normal and everyday part of your life. Sure, you can eat something unhealthy here and there, but not every day and not all the time.

These are the 3 tips which can help you lead a healthier life and they have nothing to do with exercising.

The Best Extreme Sports to Keep You Fit – The Benefits of Extreme Sports

People tend to spend a lot of time indoors, browsing the internet. Some people do it on a  daily basis, some people cannot even take their eyes off their screens for almost an entire day. When you do that on an everyday basis, you are prone to becoming overweight and injured. Sure, it is understandable for people to be online for a while, browsing, betting even. Looking up promotional codes for sportsbooks is actually a frequent thing, like this Bwin sportsbook bonus. But, going out and doing some sports is recommended for people. Extreme sports can have many benefits for health. Here are the top extreme sports which you could benefit from.


While most practitioners would never consider parkour an extreme sport, many others would, especially when you take into account the possible jumps from one rooftop to another, albeit that is a niche thing.

Parkour develops the entire body, from head to toe, not to mention that you have to have a very good notion of where you are, both physically and mentally. What this means is that in order not to get ahead of yourself, you need to be sincere with yourself. Parkour is moreso a mental exercise than a physical one. Conquering one’s fear and doing a simple jump can take days of mental exercise, not to mention physical.


Rafting, or more specifically white water rafting, is a sport where you go down really fast mountain rivers, with the hopes that you will not hit your head on a rock. Realistically, the first rafting experiences people have are on slower waters with a waterfall here and there, but nothing which will prove fatal or even dangerous. But, rafting teaches you a lot of things, firstly how to work as a team. Then, you learn to judge situations and weather conditions. Regarding health, it teaches you to stay alive, and when not to go rafting, especially which rivers to avoid. There is a fine line between extreme sports and life-threatening endeavours.


This is a very fun sport. If you ever wanted a sport which screams fun, this is one. You drop from a plane or helicopter, but more likely a plane, due to altitude constraints a helicopter has. Then, you freefall for a while, at very fast speeds, until you open your parachute and glide slowly to the ground. It is a very fun experience many people try at least once in their lives. It is also very good for the legs and coordination.


Surfing can be an extreme sport or a regular one, depending on how high a wave you decide to ride. So, this is a sport, just like parkour, where you can choose how far you wish to take everything. Spending time in the water and outside, in sunlight, is beneficial (provided that you have sun protection or are outside after a certain hot time of the day).

These are some of the best extreme sports which you can practice and from which your health will benefit.

How Important Can Practicing Sports Be?

It isn’t uncommon for parents to sign their kids up for football, karate, or another discipline in the hopes of helping their bodies develop and last for a long time. Meanwhile, many adults sit at home, play games, browse websites like Hamabet, and watch TV dramas, with a belief that any type of exercise would now require too much time and energy, as well as that there is no room for improvement. Because of this, we have decided to elaborate on the physical and psychological benefits one gets from sports regardless of their age.

Overall Health

Regular physical activity improves your lung capacity and blood flow. That doesn’t sound like much when you are 16, but those that are either over 40, overweight, or just not that athletic may tell you how even the simplest of actions can make them winded. So, regular physical activity, like playing basketball or football with your friends once or twice a week could lower your risk of having a heart attack.

Furthermore, practicing sports boosts your immunity along with your capacity to deal with physical stress. Even if you are not an athlete, you will not find going for a run or walking up a steep hill anywhere near as strenuous as couch potatoes.

Mobility and Posture

Before and after every workout, match, or any other physical feat, it is important to stretch. However, that does more than just prepare you for what lies ahead for the day. As time goes by, we lose a great deal of our mobility. Bending down, sitting, and even lying down become little not-that-fun adventures. It is important to get started in sports at an early age, to help the children develop well, but that doesn’t mean that the elderly have nothing to gain from sports.

If the sports you consider are too challenging and dangerous for you, you can try something more relaxing, like cycling. Even if you are in your golden years, the span of the movements you will be able to achieve would no doubt be greater than that of other people in your age group. Ask anyone who does yoga or tai chi on a regular basis.

Mental Health

Any type of stress triggers several responses in your body. Specifically, your body clears your head for you to deal with the challenge that you are facing. This includes making you more alert, feeling less pain, and overall feeling happier. This important, as it helps you fight depression and anxiety. The increased blood flow also supplies your brain with more oxygen, meaning that your mind will remain sharp and more apt to deal with problems.

There is also an interesting side-effect in team sports. You develop a kind of team spirit, a feeling that you are a part of something bigger than yourself. You are a part of a group and this will instill you with confidence and pride. You will feel good about yourself in no time.

Advice from Personal Trainers

Every January, gyms all over the world are flooded with people trying to make themselves healthier. Every February, this number drops significantly. Whether you are a regular gym-goer or just someone who visits the establishment once a week, you may have noticed personal trainers. Besides telling you what exercise to do to achieve a certain result, they also have a few pearls of wisdom for you.

It’s Important to Start

Don’t treat your exercise as a boring routine. Every day when you go to the gym and work out to get to a better you, you already win. It is very easy to lose motivation and stay home. This does not mean that you should go to the gym or exercise every day – this is something that depends on the body you are trying to achieve, as well as your time.

Don’t Compare Yourself to Fit People

This is a tough one, as we can’t help but compare ourselves to others. Sometimes, when you are deadlifting forty kilos, otherwise known as your personal best, for now, seeing someone lift, say, 150 can make your heart sink.

The truth is that you are going at your own pace and the body that you want requires hard work. When Hugh Jackman was training for his role as Wolverine, he would often have to get dehydrated for his muscles to look more appealing on the big screen, and that’s only after a ridiculous diet and a crazy exercise program. The bottom line is that the only person you are competing against is your former self.

Do It Right or Don’t Do It

You are not doing the exercise to appease your trainer. They are merely helping you get what you are looking for. Your trainers know when you are doing something half-heartedly and that fools no one but yourself. So, stop cutting corners and face your challenges head-on.

Manage Your Expectations

Your trainer is not a miracle worker. In spite of designing a program for you and knowing a thing or two about fitness and nutrition, they cannot help you lose 10 kilos in a week (nor should they – that’s dangerous). Instead of saying “I want to look like this beefcake/model/actor as soon as possible”, tell your trainer that you want to be stronger, faster, or simply fit.

The road which you are treading on is a long one with many difficulties on the way. You won’t achieve your goal tomorrow, but that makes it even more valuable. Only a true athlete is disciplined enough to persevere and achieve their goal. Whether this is who you are (or plan on becoming) or not is entirely up to you.

How to Become a Professional Jockey?

All horse lovers out there at one point wished to become a professional jockey and maybe turn their love for these majestic creatures into a career. There is something special in that feeling when you cross the finish line and the crowds cheer your name, but not many can fulfil that elusive dream.

Of course, not all are interested in becoming professional jockeys. Many punters love the racing aspect of the sport and don’t need to be at the racing track to appreciate it, as they can do it from the comfort of their homes, and a little extra help from TVG online promo code can maximise their chances of winning.

For all others who deem themselves worthy of becoming jockeys, a road that requires a lot of sacrifice, love, hard work and dedication lies ahead. This article is a short guide that will help you understand all the steps you need to follow in order to become a professional jockey. Read on!  


First of all, a professional jockey needs to be well educated in all equine matters. This usually begins with the anatomy of the horse, grooming, shoeing and all the things related to the maintenance and equipment. A good start for a jockey would be any work around the stables or barns.

Next on the list should be an apprentice or a trainer school. All those over 16 years of age are eligible to enrol in these schools and start a career that way. There are not many professional jockey schools out there, like the North American Racing Academy, where aspiring jockeys will learn about nutrition, fitness, and the techniques and styles of horseback riding. However, the competition for getting enrolled is fierce, and usually only a dozen students get accepted.

Physical Requirements

There are specific physical requirements all jockeys need to fulfil in order to become professional jockeys. These physical requirements refer to the rider’s weight and height. Although the weight requirements vary depending on the type of race, the usual weight goes from 52 kg for flat racing to 62 kg for jumps. With this in mind, jockeys are often on strict diets, which requires a lot of discipline and effort. Still, riders need to be able to control and govern horses in full speed, which is no small task.

As far as height goes, it is not as important as the weight, but there are still some restrictions, mostly due to the aerodynamics. Most jockeys are around 5 ft and 3 or 4 inches, but there have been cases where riders stood at almost 6 ft.


Even though the career of a jockey is a demanding one and requires a lot of sacrifice, the rewards are numerous, starting from the prize money to the accolades and commanding respect of the audience and other competitors. At the end of the day, doing what you really love and being around your favourite animals is the only thing that matters.         

What Are the Health Benefits of Equestrianism and How Could It Help You Stay in Shape?

Equestrianism, or horseback riding, is one of the most popular sports in the world that includes horses. Although it seems like something that’s pretty easy to do, being a successful horse rider requires thorough mental and physical preparation. Once you are strong enough to sit in a saddle, the real physical exercise journey begins.

Unlike sitting in a comfortable chair using a promo from BetAmerica to bet on horse racing events, where the only muscles you need to activate are those located on your fingers, equestrianism actually requires you to activate some very specific muscles located throughout your entire body.

Improving Core Strength

Staying in control of a sprinting horse can be very difficult, as it constantly activates some of our core muscles. Therefore, in order to keep balance and master horseback riding, we need to be really strong, and one of the best ways to develop core strength is to try and ride horses as much as possible.

Balance Taken to Another Level

Balance is perhaps the most important thing that one needs to develop in order to stay on a horse. Therefore, people who have been actively practising horseback riding will have their balance levels improved. Another important aspect that also improves with time is coordination, which could also prove useful in other areas of life.

Mental Health Improvement

Riding horses has potential benefits for your mental health as well, as it improves your confidence and helps you learn how to solve problems faster. If you go horse riding in nature, that could really positively affect your mental health and help you relax.

Another way to improve your overall mental health is to enjoy watching sports related to equestrianism. Many online streaming services broadcast horse racing events, such as the Triple Crown races, and help horse racing lovers enjoy this sport even more.

Cardiovascular Benefits

Sometimes, horseback riding requires a lot of energy that is bound to increase your cardiovascular capacity. This is usually applicable to jockeys who are into horse racing and who ride horses on a daily basis.

Pelvic Muscles and Inner Thighs

Core muscles are not the only ones which get activated once you start riding a horse. Some of the muscles that are affected the most while you practice equestrianism are your pelvic muscles and inner thighs. In fact, you will develop a great muscle tone and increase muscle flexibility.

Other Activities Related to Equestrianism

If you want to learn how to ride horses, you need to learn how to take a good care of them. You will have to feed them, brush them, and plan their activities several days ahead. Some of these jobs require physical strength, especially when it comes to preparing food for your horses. You will have to lift heavy bags filled with things such as feed and hay, which can sometimes be very heavy.


Horseback riding is a wonderful activity that could significantly improve your health if you decide to devote your time to these noble animals. It will positively affect not only your physical health but also your mental wellbeing. Therefore, if you have the time and the money to start your equestrianism journey, make sure to do that right now!

Staying Motivated While You Train

One of the key hurdles people have to overcome while exercising is maintaining a level of motivation throughout your workout regimen. It’s easy to just sit down and limit your interest in sports to what you can find online and the Ladbrokes sign up offer. It is even easier to lose track or just make excuses until you stop training altogether. What measures can we take to ensure we stay on the track?


Routine is important. It helps us go through our tasks with a mindset that prevails even when we are low on energy. Here’s the explanation: if you get up every day at 7 a.m. sharp, your body will soon start doing it on its own, without your alarm clock, even if you had a rough night. This is because your body yearns for a rhythm in its daily activities. Knowing when you will wake up, eat, sleep, work, and exercise makes your body prepare for these activities.

Try to make training a part of your daily routine. If you like exercising in the morning, set the alarm for the beginning of the training session. Within a month, you are likely to notice getting ‘pumped’, as it were. In other words, you will feel an adrenaline rush and a need to train. Try out some recovery exercises on your rest days, like swimming or running, or even just stretching. We would like to point out that the time of day in itself does not matter. What matters is consistency.

Mix It Up

While we can agree that routine is good, it tends to get too comfortable. People can lose motivation to work out if every day is the same because they fail to see the point of it all after a while. This is why it is important to occasionally mix it up. Change your exercise routine slightly once in a while. If you are focused on running, switch to jumping jacks or a workout video on YouTube. If you are into calisthenics, change the exercises but keep the same muscle group in mind. For example, there are about a dozen push-up variants to explore that give you a fresh take on the exercises you do every day.

Adding variety to your routine does not have to be limited to your exercise regimen. You can change the route you take to school or work, food that you eat, or add something new and quirky to your day. It is important to keep yourself from getting stuck in a rut.

Remember Why You Are Doing This

Some people exercise to lose weight. Others just want to be able to climb a flight of stairs without getting winded. There are those that practice martial arts and want to achieve a higher rank within their club or school.

This is why you started training in the first place. If you keep your eyes on the prize, you are less likely to give up training. If you are planning on running a marathon, you will not succeed by sitting on your couch when you should be training. Stick to your training schedule and push through.

Tips and Tricks: How to Get the Best Results Out of Betting at Online Bookmakers

This article will introduce you to some tips and tricks that could help you improve your betting game and increase your chances of winning hefty prizes.

Explore the Bookie

Once you choose a bookmaker, make sure to explore all their options. For example, some bookmakers might not cover a sport that you are interested in, or fail to include it in the live betting section.

You should also check out some additional options such as one-time promotions, VIP sections, and loyalty programmes to get the most out of their offer.

Claim the Welcome Bonus

Welcome bonuses are generous rewards that you can claim when you register at an online bookie. In order to activate them, you need to use a proper code that you can find on the web. Make sure they are up to date, as the older codes may not be active anymore.

Choose a Sport You’re Knowledgeable at

This one goes without saying. Betting on sports which you are not familiar with means betting without having a deep insight into the market. You should always stick to the sports that you follow as you probably know a lot of useful pieces of information that can help you create a winning combo.

Don’t Always Bet on the Favourite

If you have experience in placing bets, you are probably aware of the fact that the most obvious bet usually turns out to be inaccurate. If the odds are low, creating an all-low odds accumulator is a gateway to failure. A winning combination often requires more research and planning!

Don’t Accumulate!

It’s okay to make accumulator bets as long as they stay within limits. Upper limits may differ, but you’ll know that you overdid it if you placed more than 20 bets. The more, the merrier principle is not applied here, and it is always better to place fewer bets with odds that are bit higher than to list 20+ sure-thing odds.

What about Other Markets?

If you are bored by football or other sports that you like betting on, you should explore more options as there are some really interesting bets out there. For example, people often like to place bets on events that are not related to sports, such as Oscars. Furthermore, there are dozens of bets pertaining to politics in every country where you get to predict who will win the election.

Mind over Heart

Finally, many people tend to get carried away as sports betting can be really exciting and can pump blood into your veins. Try not to fall for the trap that emotions bring and stay cool-headed all the time.

Betting is beautiful because it combines luck with knowledge, but there’s no room for emotions and impulsive decisions. Your common sense should tell you when enough is enough and not let you get carried away and make the wrong decision. As long as your emotions do not prevail over your logic, you are definitely a winner in this game!