Exercises to Enjoy with your Significant Other

If you and your loved one are spending more time cuddling on the sofa and watching TV and less time dancing the night away, you may notice you’re both piling on the pounds. There is scientific (and obvious) reason behind letting your good habits lag when you’re in a new relationship, so don’t give yourself a hard time, but instead take up a few new exercises and try doing them together so you and your new bae don’t have to spend time apart.

Tennis! Now you have someone, why bother looking for new tennis partners? Learn the rules and find a court nearby. Then, get in another sweaty workout after you’ve spent a couple hours on the court. Burn those ice cream calories!
Badminton – with similar vibes to tennis but a much lighter shuttlecock, you could battle it out on the court. This is a great sport to play with a significant other as, if you’re a newbie, clubs can feel a little overwhelming. It’ll also give you something interesting to break out of routine and hopefully help you create a new hobby.
Join the gym – but do a week trial first to see whether it’s right for you so you don’t end up wasting a lot of money on something you won’t bother using.
Swimming – this is a bizarre option, but swimming can get very same-y. Having someone to chat to while you do your lengths can be great motivation. That is, until one of you is a lot faster than the other and you end up being left behind in the splashes.
Workout at home – if you’re all loved up and enjoying being on the sofa, then why not throw on a free youtube video, get a little sweaty in your living room, and then get back to where you left off – whether that’s pizza and cuddles or not – having a little exercise can only do you good and might bolster those endorphins even more – as if you even need them!
Ping-pong is a sport which isn’t likely to burn many calories, unless you’re good at it you may find yourself walking to retrieve the ball more than actually swinging your arm. However, it can be a lot of fun to build up your skill with a significant other and you could find a table tennis table at your local park anyway – making it a very cheap sport to start playing! However, winter months may mean a little extra motivation is required.
Running – this isn’t for everyone and is an option which is obvious, yet not enjoyable if you end up lagging behind a speedy significant other. However, give it a go and take headphones and music if you’re worried of being left alone!

Let us know what works for you and whether you have any tips for keeping you and your loved one fit and healthy! Of course, accompany your exercise with a healthy diet of fruit and veg to make yourself feel both loved up and healthy!

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