Fun activities to try with your family

It’s never too early to integrate some physical activity into your children’s daily routine, so being active with your family is a great way to stay healthy and make exercise fun.
For those in search of ideas to stay active and get the entire family involved, we put together a list of activities you can do with your children and the rest of the family.
It’s easy to get everyone up and moving with an entertaining game everyone enjoys, so some team sports that can be played outside and everyone knows the rule of are great for family gatherings. Tennis, basketball or volleyball are perfect for family tournaments, for instance.
Another way to engage your children is to attract them with a new game. One such game to play is the fit-deck shuffle. This is a game that involves a custom deck of playing cards that makes exercise more simple, convenient and fun, and can be played either inside or outside the house.
The playing cards feature lots of fitness exercises family-friendly exercises, so they allow you to create hundreds of random and ever-changing workouts. You can search for a deck that fits your family’s fitness style or you can create your own deck with exercises such as bear-crawling or ape-walking. The idea behind it is very simple: each family member picks a card and performs the exercise pictured until all the cards have been dealt.
Another great activity for families is to go on a scavenger hunt. This is an outdoor game in which participants have to collect a number of miscellaneous objects. Scavenger hunts are fairly easy to organise and even easier to play. You can choose teams and each team is given a list of objects to find in a predefined outdoor area. The first team to complete the list or find the most items on the list wins the game.
On sunny summer days, you can all go on a family hike. Choose a destination, pack your backpacks, dress accordingly, and go hiking. Hiking is a great opportunity to introduce your children to the world of the outdoors, and it’s also a sport that they’ll be able to enjoy their whole lives. The beauty of hiking lies in its simplicity, as it is just an extension of something we all do naturally and every day. Moreover, it’s cheap and brings all sorts of benefits for body and mind.
For water sports lovers, there are exciting activities to try out with your family. You can simply take a leisurely swim in the sea or a local pool, or if you feel adventurous and like to feel the ocean breeze in your hair, you can take your kids kayaking. You can either share one kayak with them or let them work together to try and master their own craft.
Last but not least, nothing screams family activity more than a mini-golf trip. Kids love mini-golf as it involves a friendly competition and is certainly fun. You can enjoy a beautiful natural setting or play at set area courses. You will both recharge your batteries and engage in physical exercises in a fun way.

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