The perfect equipment for running 

Regardless of whether you are an avid jogger or preparing to go for your very first run, you might want to choose your running outfit wisely, otherwise, you might find it difficult to continue practising the sport.
Running is quite a simple physical activity that does not require special equipment, but if you want to up your game and get better with every jog, skimping on the gear may lead to an early exit from the sport, so we would advise you choose the suitable gear, clothing and accessories to make sure you improve your pace and endurance.
Among the essential items you need, the most important one is a pair of good running sneakers. The running footwear is the most essential for your workout and you need a pair that’s fitted to your unique needs as a runner.
And the best way to get the right sneakers model for you is to visit a specialised running store and get advice from the trained personnel there. They will watch you run on a treadmill and recommend the best shoes for you.
Your running apparel must also include a shirt or two, ideally made of good wicking material, as you’re very likely to sweat a lot and this type of fabric will dry faster than cotton. Running shorts, pants, tights or a skirt must complete your equipment, depending on the season. These should also be made of technical fabrics designed to pull moisture away from the skin. This will help you control your body temperature, even in cold weather.
Choosing another type of fabric for your running attire can lead to chafing and getting blisters. And nothing kills a run like a blister about to pop. A pair of running-specific socks will also help you reach the finish line blister-free.
For women, the best advice would be to get a good sports bra that provides good support, otherwise, they will feel it with every step, and not feeling comfortable most probably means ditching it.
Always remember that wearing the proper attire can contribute a lot to a great workout experience.

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